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What are the required schedules and documents to complete a verification computation?

The Math Verification Practice

The Verification Practice of The Arbitrage Group, Inc. provides its' clients with a full range of mathematical verification services relating to arbitrage. The members of the Verification Practice have received specialized industry training, have extensive experience in the industry, use the most modern computer technology to enhance service delivery capabilities, maintain a current working knowledge of the regulatory requirements, and are committed to delivering quality services to their clients.

The goals of the Verification Practice are to insure compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and the Income Tax Regulations in relation to arbitrage requirements as well as to maintain client satisfaction for each verification engagement. The Arbitrage Group, Inc.'s Verification Practice represents clients throughout the nation.

Our specialized training and experience enables us to handle a wide variety of complex mathematical calculations relating to arbitrage such as the allocation of multipurpose issues, transferred proceeds computations, combined yield calculations, callable premium bond calculations, deep discount bond calculations and escrows allocated to different sources of funds.

Scope of Verification Services

As members of The Arbitrage Group, Inc., the following services have been provided for hundreds of engagements.

  1. Calculation of debt service requirements of the obligations to be refunded

  2. Calculation of receipts from certain United States Government Securities that will be purchased with a portion of the refunding proceeds (the "Refunding Escrow Securities")

  3. Calculation of the sufficiency of the receipts from the Refunding Escrow Securities to pay the debt service requirements of the obligations to be refunded

  4. Calculation of the yield for variable rate or fixed rate refunding bond issues

  5. Calculation of the yield of the Refunding Escrow Securities

  6. Calculation of transferred proceeds adjustments or multipurpose allocations

  7. Calculation of callable premium adjustments

  8. Calculation of deep discount adjustments

  9. Review of the closing documents associated with the obligations to be refunded

  10. Review of the closing documents associated with the obligations to be issued

The Verification Practice is managed by Russell E. Moore and Laura D. Figueroa. We offer quality services with a personal touch at very competitive rates. Please contact us to request a complimentary fee quote or to answer questions you may have.


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